Intruder Installation [Main Event 7]

This built installation uses various forms of algorithmic design to become the focal point of the Main Event 7.

For Sale?  No.

This installation was a continuation and implementation of the concepts of the Balcony Project experiments.  Designed to occupy the large open space in the historic Farmer’s and Merchants Bank building in downtown Los Angeles, it functioned as a canopy and screen for the guests at the annual Main Event 7.   The installation uses a custom recursive algorithm to deploy equilateral triangles into a configuration to find optimal positions via CNC-milled nodes.  0001d developed all the software to design, fabricate, mill, and document the installation process.

Collaborator and Co-Designer: Kieran McCaughey.


The design utilized a custom developed program by 0001d to accommodate infinite configurations of structural pipes and panels.  This program facilitated the CNC process allowing for the most optimal layout and usage of materials.

The custom programs developed for the installation allow for the instantiation of multiple connector types, ranging from 2- to 6-point connectors.

Due to massive BIM and VDC front-loading of the design process, installation of the “INTRUDER” only required one day of construction.


Special Thanks To:  Santino Medina and the SCIarc Alumni Council

Thanks to the SCIarc community:  Lynn Ordinario, Colleen Elkins, Hsinming Fung, Dan Morris, and everyone at SCIarc and the SCIarc Woodshop who helped to make this project a success.

Thanks to the installation team:  Nathan Engel, Casey Hughes, Ben Konen, Steven Purvis, and everyone else we have missed.  (Email us if you want your name included here.)

Thanks to the good people at the historic Farmers and Merchant’s Bank in downtown Los Angeles.

Awards and Exhibitions:  Main Event 7 Invited Exhibitor


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