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Recursive Balcony Project

Posted on Feb 12, 2007

For Sale? No.

This project combines advanced parametric modeling techniques with scripted approaches for optimization of complex curvatures.  The goal was to be able to take any blobby surface and rationalize it to a high percentage of standard sized panels.  The algorithm would recursively cycle through the NURBS geometry until most of its surface area could be replaced with equilateral triangle panels.  This particular iteration of the script [aka, the Balcony Project] allowed the construction of the project with 71% and 82% of the total material count with identical Triangle Panels and Main Structural Dowels, respectively, even though its driving surface has extreme positive and negative Gaussian curvature.  These regularized panels can be mass produced and installed on site quickly; they are modeled to perform as solar-thermal heaters, translucent shads, or accommodate any triangular-shaped assembly.  The remaining minority of irregular panels and nodal connections are CNC milled and both are parametrically modeled to limit the amount of milling required for production.  They are designed for a simple 3-axis mill and are oriented to require only one-side routing.  Their instantiations can be accomplished via script or manual procedures.


Exploded Diagram Of Balcony Shade

Global Balcony Shot

Testing HTML

Balcony 2

Awards and Exhibitions:  2007 Scripted by Purpose Exhibition