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Mega-Dots are the world’s toughest connect-the-dots puzzles.  Developed by using custom image conversion software, these puzzles are printed on large 24″x36″ (609.6 mm x  914.4 mm) sheets.   The puzzle used to be sold on Amazon, but now we focus on direct sales.  Feel free to contact us directly and we can ship you as many puzzles as you want.  Bulk orders are described at the bottom of the page.


Mega-Dots! are really tough.  There are thousands of dots and it takes days to complete.

Depending on the puzzle, Mega-Dots are fun for all most ages.  The simpler numerical puzzles are good for kids as young as 6 or 7, Roman numerals are good for older kids, and the Mayan, Inuit, and Chinese Rod Numbers are fun for anyone older than 9 or 10.  The Randomized puzzles are by far the most difficult, for teenagers and adults.


 Choose from the puzzle types below:

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Mega-Dots! Decimal Number Mark Twain Puzzle.

Buy on Amazon. ( 6 years + )

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Mega-Dots! Alphanumeric Mark Twain Puzzle.

Buy on Amazon. ( 7 years + )

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Mega-Dots! Inuit Numbers Mark Twain Puzzle.

Buy on Amazon. ( 8 years + )

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Mega-Dots! Random Numeral Mark Twain Puzzle.

Buy on Amazon. ( 12 years + )


Custom Projects:

Contact 0001D to suggest more puzzle ideas.

We have developed the software to convert most images to a Mega-Dots game.  If you want a unique puzzle, email us your image and we can discuss estimates.

In Progress:

We are wrapping up the Babylonian number puzzle and Mayan number puzzle soon.  Stay tuned for their release in the upcoming weeks.  Also, a Randomized Radix puzzle is nearly completed.  This puzzle will be even more challenging than the randomized numeral puzzle.

Bulk Orders:

For bulk, international, or educational/classroom orders, contact us directly.  Depending on quantity, reduced pricing may be available.