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Digital Cellular Interconnectivity and Growth

Posted on Feb 6, 2005

0001D’s oeuvre employs a distinct formal language that deviates from the contemporary architectural movement.  Instead of continuous subdivision- or spline-based stylistic language, 0001D is based on the concept of interconnected cells, and how they behave with each other to generate space, structure, and form.

Most of 0001D’s designs start with simple cellular globs, that are allowed to evolve or grow into their final design configurations.  We establish environments and mutation criteria that mold the design instead of physically shaping the design on our own.  Also, we program computational immune systems to delete and kill off cancerous growth or population explosions.  All of our work utilizes this style of computational design, which gives us an advantage over conventional human-based drafting and modeling.  Our work undergoes thousands and millions of generations and iterations to ensure that all possible aspects of the design search space has been explored.