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PARAMNESIA Online Documentation

Posted on Jan 22, 2016

Click here to download the temporary free version of Paramnesia for Revit 2015-2017. Link to the Paramnesia Help Documentation Click here to see a quick Paramnesia Video Demo Click here to read the Paramnesia EULA agreement.

Welcome to the param|nesia main page.  Click the icon above to download the free trial software.  The free version will be out for only a few weeks.

What is param|nesia?

Paramnesia is a program to help Revit users and managers control their BIM parameters.   Revit models contain hundreds and thousands of parameters, names, and families.  This tool will check all these parameters against a master file that you control.  If any parameters do not comply with your master “nomenclature file,” this program will print a schedule of them for you to review and modify.

How can I get param|nesia?

Paramnesia is currently in development.  You can receive a free trial of the software, under the condition that there is no warranty and that bugs are reported to aide in our development.  This trial period is for a limited time, in preparation of the software appearing on the online AutoDesk App Store.

When will param|nesia be for sale?

The paramnesia software will contain two suites:  Standard and Professional.  The standard version will be mainly for regular users.  It is currently in free-trial use.  The Professional version is for managers and high-end BIM users, and will likely be ready near the end of winter.


Feel free to email if you have any questions.