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Undersexualized Recursion – C0001

Posted on Mar 7, 2016

Undersexualized Recursion (C0001) is a series of computationally-designed spaces and networks.  It explores how architectures can emergently hold spaces by communicating with parts of itself, experiment with solutions, and breed possible organisms.  Much of the design of this organism uses code-authored-code, which self-edits its programming.   This work does not fetishize the object; in fact it does everything it can to obscure, limit, and confuse the viewer.  To map the space, the viewer must invest time and effort to decipher the geography of the space and the evolution of the organism.  This is an ongoing project, with continuing efforts to prolifically explore the formal-, computational-, architectural-, and spatial-search spaces.

(Contact 0001D, for exhibition/publishing inquiries and/or higher resolution versions of these images.)

c0002_5_06.41sfw a0003_a1sfw a0003_c.1sfw a0003_c.2sfw a0003_c.4sfw a0003_c.5sfw a0003_c.6sfw a0003_c.8sfw a0003_c.9sfw a0003_c.10sfw


a0003_f.014sfw b0003_k.01sfw b0003_k.02sfw b0003_l.03sfw b0003_l.05sfw b0003_l.06sfw b0003_l.14sfw b0003_l.15sfw b0003_l.16sfw b0005_1_c.01sfw b0005_1_e.03sfw b0005_1_e.05sfw b0005_1_e.11sfw b0005_1_i.09sfw b0005_1_i.16sfw b0005_1_i.19sfw b0005_1_k_perspShape_tmpsfw b0005_3_o_perspShape_tmpsfw

c0001_a_14.02sfw c0001_a_14.03sfw c0001_a_14.05sfw c0001_a_14.06sfw c0001_a_14.08sfw c0001_a_14.11sfw c0001_a_14.12sfw c0001_a_14.14sfw c0001_a_14.15sfw c0001_a_14.18sfw c0001_a_14.22sfw c0001_a_14.23sfw c0001_a_14.25sfw c0001_a_14.27sfw c0001_a_14.28sfw









c0002_5_06.11sfw c0002_5_06.12sfw c0002_5_06.13sfw c0002_5_06.18sfw c0002_5_06.22sfw c0002_5_06.25sfw c0002_5_06.27sfw c0002_5_06.30sfw c0002_5_06.31sfw c0002_5_06.35sfw c0002_5_06.37sfw



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Contact 0001D, for exhibition/publishing inquiries and/or higher resolution versions of these images.