Spheriolithography Prototypes

May 23, 2012 by in Sculpture

For Sale?  Maybe soon. These sculptures use concepts from cellular distribution and adhesion to create extremely complex forms.  The self-intersecting geometry acts as a substrate to adhere tens of thousands…

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Particle Molds [Video]

Jun 7, 2009 by in Effects

For Sale?  No. First showcased for the UCSB-MAT (Media Arts Technology) 2009 Spring Opening, this video uses particles systems and MEL scripting to simulate microbial growth and communication between systems….

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Geno Beach House

Jan 11, 2006 by in Digital

For Sale?  No. The design of this beach house involved algorithmic techniques that combined emergent cellular communication and transformation with evolutionary breeding optimization.  Thousands of generations of cells were executed…

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Jan 10, 2006 by in Digital

For Sale?  No. Objective: To grow intelligent organs in intelligent bodies from identical digital stem cells without linear array set or post-processing. Investigating the potential 7-dimensional BIM, this project establishes…

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